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AbanteCart Features

Power your eCommerce with solution designed and built for dynamic and fast growing online businesses.
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All the features you need to start

AbanteCart empowers businesses with an eCommerce platform allowing quick set up with the online retail. No need for other services or apps. Unlimited number of products, customers, orders, etc. Everything you need for online success is in one place.


Manage multiple stores from single admin interface. Stores will have separate settings, themes, products, categories, customers, etc

Mobile & Tablet optimized

AbanteCart storefront and admin is responsive by default. Your site will work no matter the device is used mobile, tablet, desktop or a large screen.

Flexible product & options

Create an unlimited number of products, attributes or options. AbanteCart is able to manage product and options with unlimited media files for each product or option combination. Products and option types can be setup with stock tracking feature. Attributes and options can be managed per product or globaly, allowing multiple products to share options settings.

Categorize products

Help customers locating products quicly by categorizing them based on types, brand, prices, tags and categories. Create various product lists based on conditions to automatically group matching products.

More product features

- Digital products
- Products reviews and approval process
- Stock tracking and management
- Products collections
- Product listing blocks
- Product wish-lists
- Product tags


Customers will have access to a comprehensive dashboard to manage their accounts and see order status and history. AbanteCart allows customer to store unlimited addresses in the address book and access downloadable/digital products. Customer's buskets are automaticalhy saved, customers can create wish-lists, track their orders and much more.

Store credits and account balance

AbanteCart supports customer transactions and account balance calculation. Positive account balance can be used for store credits created by administrators. Customers can use their store credit to pay for purchases.

And much more....
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